Writers' Club


A group of creative writers meet for writing workshops, critique sessions and occasionally, chocolate. We aim to take our writing to the next level, and have enjoyed success in writing competitions - locally, nationally and even international. 

Many of our writers have had their work published in online literary journals and websites such as Poetry Box, The Anthropozine and fingers comma toes, and in print such as in the journal, Toitoi. We were very excited to hear recently that some of our writers have had their work selected to be published by Penguin Random House, in a poetry anthology by Paula Green. 

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Students have been experimenting with list poems.  These are poems written as lists and can be in full sentences or as single words.  They also do not necessarily need rhythm or rhyme.

You can read some list poems below or check them out on the wall in the Writing Club Room.


newborn baby, wiggling tiny fingers
frustrating traffic jams in the city
soft shell turtle eating a goldfish
tiny snail slithering
difficult maths test in room 8
green and blue Earth rotates

by Gemma Yr 4


buttered popcorn popping
sunflowers rising
like calm dancers

bees buzzing
hot fire sizzling
like loud lions roaring

by Daisy Yr 4


racing cars, smoking tyres
slender cheetah sprinting
Isuzu truck, roaring like a tiger
John Deere 9R 540's loud 13.6 litre engine
motorbike spinning its muddy wheels
blinking, winking, a pounding heart
speedy Sophie Pascoe
freestyling 200 metres

by Hayden Yr 4


clear sky
oceans, smooth as plastic

Rigel, super giant,
860 lights years from earth

straight lines in schoolbooks,
like veins

by Desmond Yr 4

Collective Noun Poems

Collective nouns are words that are used to describe a group or collection of things or people.

Examples are:

  • a herd of cows
  • a flock of sheep
  • a school of fish

But have you heard of some of these rather unusual collective nouns?

  • a prickle of hedgehogs
  • a rhumba of rattlesnakes
  • a glaring of cats
  • a nest of rumours
  • a shiver of sharks
  • a rascal of boys
  • a tuxedo of penguins

We hope you enjoy these poems written by our Awa Nui writers.....

A huddle of walruses
sharp white tusks
skimming through the water

by Sara

A nest of rumours
whispering tongues,
sneaking ear to ear

by Haeum

A murder of crows
razor sharp beaks
soaring like specks of dust
caught in the wind

by Leon

A cloud of flies
white purple wings
buzzing like vibrating phones.

by Shan D.

A bike of bees
wings fragile like china plates
floating in the wind like leaves

by Benji