Writers' Club


This group of creative writers meet for writing workshops, critique sessions and occasionally, chocolate. We aim to take our writing to the next level, and have enjoyed success in writing competitions - locally, nationally and even international. 

Many of our writers have had their work published in online literary journals and websites such as Poetry Box, The Anthropozine and fingers comma toes, and in print such as in the journal, Toitoi. We were very excited to hear recently that some of our writers have had their work selected to be published by Penguin Random House, in a poetry anthology by Paula Green. 

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Last term, our writers composed poems for the Top Outdoor Spot Competition, run by the New Zealand Walking Access Commission | Ara Hīkoi Aotearoa.  Their writing celebrated favourite outdoor locations around Aotearoa.  Three of our students were shortlisted in the competition

Bryn - Rapaki Track, Rani - Wanaka & Oliver - Okains Bay. 

Year 4 student Oliver was awarded second place overall, which was an outstanding achievement, considering the competition was open to students in years 4 to 8 throughout New Zealand.  Oliver received his prize, courtesty of the NZ Walking Access Commission and Kiwi Camping...congratulations Oliver! Beau, Year 6

night covering penwood street
ants running across the dirt
a sleuth of bears sleeping
a box of old fashioned telephones
a patrol unit of arrows flying at the target
a bundle of cables like snakes Evrin, Year 6

pollen shining in the sun
dandelion moon in the sky
sunflower waiting for a bee to land Madeleine Year 8

I am a poppy
standing in a field full of crosses
I can be dark like anger, raging, swirling inside
light like Christmas carols galloping into my ears
I sound like a beating heart
taste like a strawberry bursting full of flavour

I am lipstick
a crispy apple
the smirk on a child's face
the delicate ladybug getting blown away for a wish

I am the colour of love
the feeling of warmth
blood oozing from a cut
a clown filling the foom full of laughter Rani Year, 7

sun reflects off  the water covered
by a blinding shimmer
Hopping in the water thinking that its
cold but
it's warm
as my body relaxes. Walking out

to sea my foot gets wrapped in
weed. Being careful
not to step on the sharp shells

Far away from shore the water 

gets deeper and deeper
it's already

Up to my neck. Rani, Rani, run
I come on time to go swimming
back I trip face

first in to the salty water hopping
out  I’m cold like a penguin without fur
wrap myself in the towel like putting a
fluffy jacket on

water sparkling
under the sunset, turning
orange as I leave
into the mountains

A few things about orange…by Akhila, Year 8

I am a tranquil summer sunset,
filling the world with calm

I am graceful Monarch butterfly,
fluttering amongst grinning pumpkins
reminiscent of spring

I am soothing fire
crackling in the hearth,
a feeling of safety

I am a powerful tiger
roaming underneath the shadows of
alluring mangoes

I am a frisky fox searching for adventure
or a reason to cause trouble

I am orange

Scale Jay, Year 8

I am a vicious python,
slithering through the swaying,
thick grass

I sound like
a croaking frog,
bouncing tennis balls,
rustling leaves

I taste like fresh spinach,
peas and chives

I look like scales wiggling
flowers dancing
swinging vines
and poison ivy