Writers' Club


A group of creative writers meet for writing workshops, critique sessions and occasionally, chocolate. We aim to take our writing to the next level, and have enjoyed success in writing competitions - locally, nationally and even international. 

Many of our writers have had their work published in online literary journals and websites such as Poetry Box, The Anthropozine and fingers comma toes, and in print such as in the journal, Toitoi. We were very excited to hear recently that some of our writers have had their work selected to be published by Penguin Random House, in a poetry anthology by Paula Green. 

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This clever bunch of Year 3/4 poets created this spoken word poem.  Each student contributed a line, exploring the sights and sounds at a New Zealand beach.

A Wonderful Day at the Beach

dark, deep dangerous sea splashing
slimy seaweed waving
shark swimming through the water, like a torpedo
orange crabs crawling
white seagulls scavenging
calm people strolling
soft, golden sand massaging my feet 

by Lili, Farren, Porou, Sharon, Duo, Patricia and Max

My love of reading by Sam 

When I open the 117- treehouse comic,
My mind is chaos
movies swirl in my mind,
making me feel like I’ve been on a long roller coaster ride
It's as hilarious as British-white cattle dancing
to ‘Dance Monkey’.
I keep coming back to story police, a giant foot and a enormous hand
I just can never take my eyes off it

A Trip to Ancient Mexico by Daria, age 8

Hola! My name is Isabel. I was born in Mexico. If you boarded a train that took you back through time to ancient Mexico, you would see a beautiful shiny city called Mexico-Tenochtitlan.

In the centre of the city there were two tall pyramids dedicated to gods. The busiest place in the city was the market. There you could buy crunchy chapulines (grasshoppers), slobbery nopales (cacti), sweet tunas (prickly pears) and refreshing lemon water.

Would you like to try them? To pay for your purchase, you would need cocoa beans which were used for money.

The ancient Mexicans were great mathematicians. They invented zero before anybody else! Look at how they wrote numbers in my picture.

Can you use those numbers to write how many prickly pears, grasshoppers and cocoa beans there are?

Congratulations to Henry Peters, who has been published again! Henry's list poem, Watermelon Pink, was published in the latest issue of the journal Toitoi (number #22) along with writing from ex Russley students, Akhila Sharma and Joseph Surrey.

A Bed of Clams

Cranky, clinky clams
Checked rough patterns
burrowing like kids in bed

by Finn Beedie(Year 3 at the time of writing)