Writers' Club


A group of creative writers meet for writing workshops, critique sessions and occasionally chocolate. We aim to take our writing to the next level, and have enjoyed success in writing competitions - locally, nationally and even international.

Many of our writers have had their work published online in literary journals and websites such as Poetry Box, The Anthropozine and fingers comma toes, and in print such as Toitoi. Some of our writers have even had their work published by Penguin Random House, in a poetry anthology by Paula Green. Click here to see more of what we have done. 

Some Russley writers have been working on bird poems for Paula Green's latest challenge on Poetry Box.  Paula has published some of her favourite including poems by Porou, Lachlan, Bryn, William and Elise.

black small feathers
ruffle against its body
short wide wings spread out ready to soar
black beak ready to feast

Fantail  by Elise M, Year 5

brown chest beating
swaying side to side
black white feathers fan out
chirps like cracking chips
white banded face brushes on fern

The Kea  by Porou, Year 4

As cheeky as a 4-year old stealing a doughnut
the Kea is a very intelligent bird

Squawking and cawing
a trickster with flaming orange underwings
gliding across the mountaintops
hail shattering across the sky

Preening its wings with care
it can steal your lunch!