Writers' Club


A group of creative writers meet for writing workshops, critique sessions and occasionally chocolate.  We aim to take our writing to the next level, and have enjoyed success in writing competitions—locally, nationally and even international.

Many of our writers have had their work published online in literary journals and websites such as Poetry Box, The
Anthropozine and fingers comma toes, and in print such as Toitoi.  Some of our writers have even had their work published by Penguin Random House, in a poetry anthology by
Paula Green.

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Moon Cycle

luminous orb
in an inky sky

cluster of stars
hang around you
specks of light add to your glow

mesmerising, perfect
delicate as a Christmas bauble
yet strong

you sleep
I arise
an endless cycle

                                                                                                      By Ruby Yr 8


as the sky turned
from blue to amber
at dusk

the karoro soared
through the sunset

with the breath
of its tūpuna
on its wings.

hiki tall
raise up.

By Max Yr 4


The black-backed gulls glide in the creamy blue rangi,
back to the nests at pō. 

We wander at the seaside,
listening to the sound of crashing waves,
hide my feet in the dark blue water,
take a breath of fresh air,
go back home when we are tired.  

We share the land of Papatūānuku.
She raised everybody,
our beloved tūpuna.

By Patricia Yr 3

Te mutunga of their dreams 

From dusk
and into the long lonely nights
our brave tūpuna conquer
the endless ocean. 

Drawing their first hau
of the early morning,
they slowly hiki their sleepy sails,
and know triumph. 

 As they see the glorious karoro
coat as smoky grey as the glistening ocean
soaring above them
and the land they dreamed of.

By Ila Yr 4

A Miserable Day in Christchurch 

Candy floss clouds zoom through the sky
disguising the sun
making Earth colder and colder. 

Ducks and seagulls find their way
back to their nest to warm up.
Planes are landing and the baby blue sky
starts to go away. 

Christchurch is getting darker and darker
and everyone starts to rush inside.
I hear a rumbling in the distance.
The thunder gets louder as the storm comes closer.
Streaks of lightning flash through the sky.

Untitled / Object Poem

Hard backed, and thick spined
Stories hidden beneath the surface
A world created by one, and shared with many
tale of joy and strife
layers of crisp white paper hold knowledgte
beyond my years
I open up the book and
run my index finger across the page,
taking in every word
I'm ready to begin my adventrue.

                                                                            By Eabha Yr 8

Congratulations to Ryan, Oliver, Finn, Parker and past pupils Robbie, Akhila who have had poems or artwork selected for Toitoi, Jillion 2.

Jillion 2 is a collection of some of the most amazing writing and artwork from publications of Toitoi 13 - 24.

Two Russley students had their work selected from hundreds of submissions from schools all over Aoteaora.  Oliver and Desmond will have their poems published at the beginning of term 4 in the Toitoi 25 issue.


White, fluffy clouds bobbing in the bright blue sky,
a black and white fantail flies in the bright light. 

I spotted a pink, and orange butterfly gliding by
and a long, skinny, blue Damsel dragonfly with two clear wings.
It flies like a stripy painted paper plane,
floating in front of my eyes. 

I went back inside quickly and got a net,
because I wanted to catch any of them as a pet.
Mum came and I explained why,
But she said they are all wild,
and we should let them enjoy the sky! 

By Eabha Yr 8