Reporting to Parents

Reporting to Parents

Te Parito Kōwhai Russley School values the close partnership we have with parents and whānau. It is important to us that information about children's learning is shared, expectations discussed and children's interests, strengths and learning needs understood.  Each year Te Parito Kōwhai Russley School provides several opportunities for parents and whānau to discuss and receive information about children's progress and achievement.

Te Parito Kōwhai Russley School Real-time Reporting

The New Zealand Curriculum vision is for our young people to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners, and for whānau to be engaged with their child’s learning by collaborating with teachers in sharing feedback, ideas, and knowledge of their child.

EDUCA Reporting Tool

EDUCA is a two-way information flow that makes learning visible and celebrates student success with whānau – in real-time. The learning stories that are created start meaningful conversations with parents, whānau and extended family. EDUCA enables you to see and share in the learning of your child/ren as it happens, rather than waiting for a mid-year report to inform you of your child’s progress and achievement.

When your child starts at Russley you will receive an email with instructions, that extends an invitation to connect to EDUCA and your child’s learning.  Each on-line portfolio is private for your child/ren and no-one other than family and teacher can see comments that you make.  You can download the EDUCA app to any device 

We expect every family to download this app and connect to EDUCA.  This will become a vital part of reporting on your child’s progress and achievement.

Benefits for students  
  • Children engage in conversations about their learning while it’s still relevant. Notifications are sent via email as child’s work is posted. This means students and parents talk about learning.

  • Increased parental involvement benefits students. When parents are involved in their child/ren's education it leads to better outcomes.

  • Having an authentic audience is a powerful incentive for students to share their work and value the feedback.

Benefits for parents and whānau
  • Better relationships between home and school. Strong partnerships lead to better outcomes for learners.  

  • Connected to what happens at school. Parents can engage in deeper conversations about learning because they know what their child has been doing.

  • Parent feedback is very positive, they enjoy receiving examples of work from school and, appreciate feeling connected to a part of their child’s life they previously didn’t have access to.

  • Whānau from across the country or internationally can be a part of the child’s learning.

Student-led conferences

Term 1 January/February: Student-led conferences 
Parents and whānau are invited to meet their child's teacher at the beginning of the school year.  These 15-minute meetings, held over two days, offer parents and whānau a chance to share information that may help teachers meet their child's learning needs, and ease anxieties over beginning the school year.

End of Term 2: Student-led Conferences
Parents and whānau are invited to accompany their child to a student-led conference. Each 15-minute conference will take the form of a conversation between the child, caregiver/parents, and teacher.