Russley School takes pride in preparing students to be life long learners, to ensure success at high school and for learning beyond formal education.

We strive to achieve our mission statement of 'promoting personal best' through strong curriculum delivery.

We have -

  • an emphasis on foundation skills of numeracy and literacy
  • school dispositions, developed through extensive consultation, encouraging students to be respectful, self-aware, self-managers, team players, creative, problem solvers and healthy.
  • an inquiry learning model to deliver quality learning to all curriculum areas

Inquiry Learning

Inquiry learning is a teaching and learning approach used to deliver the curriculum, by integrating units of work around big ideas or broad bands of knowledge.

It is proven to be a highly effective approach in promoting student learning as it:

  • Provides students with greater control over their learning, while being driven from their interests or questions
  • Allows collaborative situations for students to construct their learning together.
  • Uses meaningful learning contexts, which have a real purpose or outcome for the students
  • Focuses on developing information literacy or research skills
  • Expands both students' knowledge and their understanding of the process involved in taking action, and
  • Naturally integrates numerous ICT tools and processes into learning activities.


Ensuring Early Literacy Success

Click here to view videos on Phonological Awareness and Reading Recovery.