Te Kohanga - New Entrants

Children and parents transition into Russley School with two preschool visits, which enables children to get to know their teacher and classmates.

Team Waka - Years 1 & 2

A child's first year at school is exciting.  In years 1 & 2 through play, exploration and targeted teaching, the learners get a rich variety of experience across the curriculum.

Team Roto - Years 3 & 4

In Team Roto learners are encouraged to actively participate in the process of their learning.  They are encouraged to develop and embrace new challenges alongside a place-based curriculum.

Team Awa Nui - Years 5 & 6

Progressing from the junior school into Team Awa Nui the learners are supported to develop leadership, collaboration and communication.  Practising the Russley Dispositions,the learners develop skills and independence by moving through different classes for learning.

Team Moana - Years 7 & 8

Team Moana learners are motivated to take on greater responsibilities and aspire to leadership roles that support our students and school,  Learners experience the curriculum through multiple avenues where where they are encouraged to strive to their personal best.