Code of Conduct

The Russley School Code of Conduct aims to ensure that adults and students know and understand the expectations of the school.

Please read the Russley Code of Conduct with your child to ensure everyone knows and understands the expectations of the school.  These are common sense expectations to encourage positive behaviours, and will help us achieve a safe working and playing environment at Russley School.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • Value others and the school environment


  • Play in appropriate areas - avoid playing in the car parks, gardens, caretaker sheds, toilets and cloakrooms.
  • Kick balls on field and grass areas.
  • Do not bring these items to school - matches, solvents, chemicals, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, chewing gum, sweets, pocket knives, jewellery (other than studs, watches and approved cultural jewellery).
  • Walk bikes, scooters and skates/skateboards in the school grounds.

Team Player

  • Play safe, sensible games.
  • Play fairly.


  • In terms 1 and 4, wear a sunhat to and from school and outside during play and sport times.
  • Avoid climbing trees, fences, goalposts and buildings.


  • Accept responsibility for actions.
  • Accept the consequences that may arise from actions.

Code of Conduct for Parents and Caregivers

Show respect for others and the school environment.

  • Avoid interrupting class programmes - make appointments for in-depth discussions.
  • Avoid discussing negatively students/staff/other parents.
  • Model the code of conduct for students i.e. bringing items to school, walking bikes etc in the playground, accepting and supporting the consequences of students' inappropriate behaviour.
  • Park in approved areas only.