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Several times a year Family Works offers the Tuning into Kids parenting course to Canterbury parents.  To learn more, contact Janice Huddy 03 363 8214

Do you need someone to talk to about your parenting concerns?  Nathan Wallis talks about the importance of our interactions with babies and young children in the first 1000 days as their brains 'wire up' for life.

Catholic Social Services: Parenting Spirited Young People: Taking an alternative approach, this course helps us to explore who we are as parents.  It will help you to tap into your strengths, learning style and personality, to benefit you and your child/ren, regardless of their age.

Te Puawaitanga: Incredible Years: Provided by kaupapa Māori organisation, this course will give you simple suggestions for parenting your 3 to 8 year old.  The focus is on building a positive relationship, handling everyday situations and knowing what to do when things are tough. Provider: Te Puawaitanga

Emerge: offer various well-being and community supports. Emerge Aotearoa - Our Services

Manu Ke Rere: offer a range of different free community wellbeing services. Their website says ages 13-24, but they do take 12 year olds as well.  Manu Ka Rere | Community Youth Mental Health | Christchurch

Parenting Through Separation

This free 4 hour course will help you understand the needs of your child during and after a separation.  In Canterbury these courses are provided in small groups, over 1 or 2 days, with helpful material to take home.

Provider: Barnardos Ph 03 365 3923

and Family Works Ph 03 366 5472

Rewi Alley Chinese School run some cool programmes.

Auckland based Asian Family Services can offer phone counselling parenting advice in either English, Manadrin or in Cantonese. The first three sessions are free, phone  the hotline to arrange this. 

Christchurch ADHD Parent Support Group - Child and Family Specialty Services
Ph 03 364 0050

This group has been developed by parents who's children have ADHD or may have ADHD.  Parents connect and share experiences and special guests regularly attend and present.  Parents of any age child are welcome.  The group is informal (no sign up or need to attend every month) and is supported by the staff at Whakatata House.  The group meets on the last Wednesday of every month at alternative venues - either Whakatata House or McDonalds on Moorhouse Ave.  This group is free of charge. specimen book.

Dyspraxia Support Group of New Zealand - Recognising Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

Dyslexia New Zealand - Dyslexia Solutions and Assessment

GNZ Fungroups - Dyspraxia Support have three fun groups aimed at different age groups which run Saturday afternoons at 53 Kendal Street in Room 10, Burnside, during term time. Funlink 5-10 years, Funtween 10 -13 years, Funteen 13 -18 years.  Groups participate in a programme put together and delivered by their team of enthusiastic supervisors. 
Contact Sue at the National Office phone: 358 3249