Performing Arts


Classes Performing

Tuesday 13 October:

    Team Waka: Rooms 18, 19 and Te Kohanga (group 1)

    Team Roto: Rooms 7 and 8

    Team Awa Nui: Rooms 5 and 11

    Team Moana: Rooms 2 and 4

Wednesday 14 October:

    Team Waka: Rooms 14, 9 and Te Kohanga (group 2)

    Team Roto: Rooms 12 and 13

    Team Awa Nui: Rooms 6 and 10

    Team Moana: Rooms 1 and 3

This year's show will be held over two nights and will showcase the incredible talents of over 450 students, from ages 5 to 13, going where no primary or secondary school has ever gone before - performing at the Isaac Theatre Royal!

When a treasure-hunting father is betrayed and disappears forever it is up to his six children to unlock the mystery and go on an epic adventure across land and sea in search of the world’s greatest treasure - The Amaranthine. 

Along the way they will come up against bumbling spies, a kid of disreputable character, protectors of the realm, and a malicious countess who, with her army will stop at nothing to get their hands on the treasure.


Russley School has a strong performing arts programme. Each year our students are involved in choirs, orchestras, drama clubs, dance competitions, kapa haka competitions, music lessons and various performances both at school and around the city.

Recent highlights are:

  • North West Music Festival at The Aurora Centre
  • Tūhono Kapa Haka Festival 
  • The Lions Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival at the Town Hall

Every three years, the entire school perform together in a school production. The script is written by our Head of Performing Arts specifically for our tamariki. These shows are approx 2 hours long with musical numbers and amazing production values.

Click here to see a hint of this year's coming performance at the Isaac Theatre Royal in October.


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