At Russley School we value our cultural diversity and encourage ESOL students to become literate in their home language and in English language.

We encourage our English as a Second Language (ESOL) learners to discuss, share and celebrate their cultural differences with others within the school environment.  We do this by providing a number of opportunities throughout the school year such as, cultural days, shared lunches, class presentations, school visits and talent events.

ESOL Programme
The ESOL programme is led by Deputy Principal, Mrs Pam Stretch, who sets high quality programmes that are facilitated by Mrs Lois Hughey ESOL Registered Teacher and Miriam McCreanor experienced tutor.  Students who are supported in the ESOL programme come from a number of countries and cultures.  Not all ESOL students are born overseas.  Some are New Zealand born but their home language may not be English.

ESOL Support
Research indicates that the most effective type of learning support to enhance student achievement is provided when students remain in their own classroom (Quality Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling: Best Evidence Synthesis, Adrienne Alton Lee, 2003).

The Russley ESOL programme consists of the following :

  • Teacher aide support within the classroom for reading, writing, speaking, listening.
  • Additional teacher support teaching and learning programme in all teams allowing for lower adult to student ratios.
  • An afternoon ESOL programme runs throughout the year that supports the units of work covered in the classroom. Students attend an extra lesson per week that supports their language development in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Extra targeted teaching is provided for students who have been identified as having a specific learning need.
  • Foreign Fee paying or International students will also attend ESOL lessons.

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Assessment and the English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP)
As well as classroom assessment tools, teachers use the ELLP's to assess where ESOL students sit in relation to the National Standards.  These progressions provide information on progress and achievement that have been specifically designed for ESOL students.

  • All ESOL students will receive a National Standards Report and an ELLP report twice a year.

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