Current Events


Coming up @ Russley


  • Thur 7: Waka to Orana Park
  • Tues 12: School swimming at Jellie Park
  • Fri 15: 9 am student awards
  • Tues 19: NW Zone swimming @ Jellie Park
  • Thurs 21: HPV vaccination for Yr 8
    3.15pm International families
  • Fri 22 - Peace, Hope, Love mufti day
  • 21 - 29: Awa Nui on camp
  • Fri 29: 9am student awards


  • 3 - 5: Moana (Rms 2 & 4) on camp
  • Thurs 4: Centrals swimming
    Rms 7 & 8 Travis Wetlands trip
  • Fri 5: Gumboot day - gold coin & mufti
    Rms 12 & 13 Travis Wetlands trip
  • Tues 9: Cross country @ Crosbie Park
  • Fri 12: School closes for the term 3pm


  • Mon 29: Term 2 commences 8.50am
  • Fri 10: 9am student awards
  • Tues 13: Board of Trustees 6pm
  • Tues 14: Yr 7/8 basketball tournament
  • Thurs 16: International families 3.15pm
  • Fri 17: Winter sport begins
  • Thurs 22: NW Zone cross country
  • Fri 24: 9am student awards

Congratulations to Ruby, Evan, Zara and Zayne who won the Russley Website Art Competition.  Highly commended went to Ahmed and Samuel (absent).

Does your child have Dyspraxia?

The Canterbury Dyspraxia Support Group is holding it's first meeting for the year on Wednesday 20th March at 7.30pm, 53 Kendal Street Room 10, Burnside, Christchurch.
The meeting is entitled "What to look for at school open nights". Tips and information about this time of transition will be shared.  RSVP: or phone 358 3249.

DSGNZ Fungroups
Dyspraxia Support have three fun groups aimed at different age groups which run Saturday afternoons at 53 Kendal Street in Room 10, Burnside, during term time.
Funlink 5-10 years
Funtween 10 -13 years
Funteen 13 -18 years

Groups participate in a programme put together and delivered by their team of enthusiastic supervisors. 
Contact Sue at the National Office phone: 358 3249   

The Student Council is holding a 'Gumboot Friday' on Friday 5 April.  Students can wear mufti including gumboots.  Bring along a cold coin for donation to go towards mental health for kiwi kids.

Tool Box is holding a course for parents of 5 - 9 year olds at Russley School for 3 weeks in term 1 starting Thursday 28 March, then 3 weeks in term 2.  Click here to view more information.

We are currently reviewing our school timetable to support the improvement of student self-regulation, attention and memory. Many schools throughout Christchurch have implemented ‘Play, Eat, Learn’ with great success.  Starting in week five of this term, classes will begin the transition to the new timetable by reversing the playing and eating times of the day.  

Research shows that when eating happens after play, the body has a chance to calm and the children are in a better place to be ready for learning.

More information will follow about how this timetable will be introduced. In the meantime, you may find some helpful tips on the following websites, about the sorts of lunches and snacks that support and maintain good cognitive function.

Healthy Food New Zealand

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch Box

Fuel For School - Building a Healthy Lunchbox

As part of our wellbeing programme, we will be teaching the children about the importance of staying well hydrated. Our hope is that every child will have a named water bottle at school.