What's Happening


Wacky House Colours Mufti Day

The Student Council are holding a

Wacky House Colours Mufti Day on

Friday 24 November, (no donation).

There will be a buddy class lunch,

followed by a talent show

performed by the senior students

over the lunch break.  There will

also be afternoon games with buddy


Get your wackiest clothes organised!


Dual Naming for Russley School

We invite feedback on dual naming options for Russley School.  Parents can choose their preference at a voting booth to be set up on the field on athletics day.  The suggestions made for Russley School can be viewed here

During Term 1 our Pasifika group started with students from Team Moana.  They researched to find out important images and symbols of their Pasifika cultures and from that each designed a canvas artwork which incorporated a lot of their learning.  In Term 2 our group will increase to include more students from Team Awa Nui.  

Come and see their artwork in the entrance to the office.

Taralina chose to add a Tanoa which is a big drinking bowl that Samoan Chiefs use for ava ceremonies.  An ava ceremony is where a couple of chiefs come together for a meeting.  They share a drink which is a mix of water and roots called ava.

Fue is a fly whisk that Samoan Chiefs use to swish before they give a speech.  Fues are made from coconut husks.

At the sides of her artwork are spearheads.  The spearheads is a tribal design that most Polynesians use in their designs including tattoos.  These express courage, and are also used to represent warriors, and the stings of animals such as stingrays.  "You can see that flowers are important in my artwork because in Samoa we have large brilliant flowers everywhere.  I feel strong and very proud about my artwork."

Isi chose to draw the sea turtle because it is "important to all Tongan people and it is their national symbol and a symbol of good fortune."

The flowers represent the many tropical flowers of Tonga.  Tonga's national flower is the red blossom, Heilala.

The pattern at the top is one of the oldest Polynesian designs.  Women paint this design on ngatu cloth and then the cloth may be given away to family and friends as a gift.

At the bottom Tana has the Tongan flag. "The flag is red and there is a white corner with a red cross. The cross represents Jesus and the red part of the flag represents  the blood of Jesus. I feel very proud of myself for making this design."

Tana's design has the hibiscus flower in the middle.  At the top you will see the cross of Jesus who sacrificed himself for us.

There are weaving patterns at the sides and on the bottom is the Samoan flag.  It has the Southern Cross stars in the corner.

"I feel great about my artwork and I have learnt more about my Samoan culture."